Walking Alongside my Creator

seeking green pastures
striving for His glory
realizing my calling
being in His grace
loving on His people
doing my tasks
resting in His love
desiring for more than I could ever dream of

The name is Jae. I'm a Christian, a Senior at Boston College. Trying to be a teacher.
Don't know where I'll end up next May
but trying to trust in His will, regardless of what may happen.

Not always easy. Not always hard. But you make the most of it
I once had to say this on a show many years ago, and I truly believe it: Loneliness is a choice. I like to be alone; I’m more comfortable alone. But I do recognise that I take it too far sometimes and so I try to force myself to keep up with being sociable. I just am a bit of a lone ranger; I always have been. But I don’t believe that necessarily has to translate to being lonely. You can be lonely in a crowd of a thousand people. I can be in a hotel room on my own, and not feel lonely. It all comes down to how comfortable you are with who you are in the silence.
Gillian Anderson (via cyberqueer)

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“For thus says the LordWhen seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will visit you,and I will fulfill to you my promise and bring you back to this place. 11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare[b] and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. 12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you.13 You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. 14 I will be found by you, declares the Lordand I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all the nations and all the places where I have driven you, declares the Lord, and I will bring you back to the place from which I sent you into exile.

God never said the right thing would be the easy thing.

Yet He asks us to do it anyway, He promises to redeem us, and He loves us all the while.

God only allows pain if He’s allowing something new to be born.

My mother used to say to me, ‘You can’t eat beauty, it doesn’t feed you.’ And these words played and bothered me, I didn’t really understand them until finally I realized that beauty was not a thing that I could acquire or consume. It was something that I just had to be. And what my mother meant by saying that you can’t eat beauty is that you can’t rely on beauty to sustain you. What actually sustains us, what is fundamentally beautiful is compassion for yourself and those around you. That kind of beauty inflames the heart and enchants the soul.
Lupita Nyong’o  (via yesdarlingido)

(via yesdarlingido)

The mark of true femininity is an essence as much as it is a mentality. It does not depend on externalities or material things. Her outward beauty is nothing more than an extension to what is already true of her inner self—an expression of her style, not her value. She deals with insecurity by making much of Christ because only He is the source of her identity and the essence of her security. She trusts that He defines her rather than requiring the fickle affirmation of others. True femininity is uninterested in the world’s approval, deaf to their commentary. Her eyes fixed and ears attuned heavenward—interested solely in the guidance & pleasure of her maker.

Joy lingers in her path because she leads a life of kindness, intelligence, and confidence. She is genuine, and she is approachable. She extends herself to others and lives in a manner that invites you to know her. She uses her influence to encourage and inspire. Her life is a banner of integrity. Her voice is one that calls for equality and justice because the more she discovers His heart, the more she resembles it.

True femininity is never accidentally embodied. It’s always a choice, and it’s a worthy one because it’s contagious. It’s not about trying harder, but about accepting what has already been spoken over you—peace instead of chaos, love instead of hate, service instead of vanity. True femininity will manifest when we stop trying to prove ourselves and instead embrace the truth that has redeemed and repurposed our lives. Once we are satisfied in the source of beauty, there will be an evident joyous freedom in the way we hold ourselves & treat others. When your life is punctuated by the truth of Christ, others prosper—for your beauty is not your own, but a living picture of His nature and an invitation to know the fullness of His freedom.

I don’t like the term “falling in love.” When you fall, it’s a mistake that leaves you embarrassed or hurt or both. When you fall, you eventually get back up and they call the getting up “falling out of love” So I don’t want either. I want to grow in love instead. Loving you feels nothing like falling—it feels a lot more like blooming. The reaching of a flower for the sun; the reaching of my hand for yours.